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What we REALLY want for Mother’s Day May 7, 2011

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It’s Mother’s Day once again and my husband has asked me a few times what I want to do on this day.  What do I want to do?  I want to sleep!  I want to sleep without dreaming and wake up 10 hours later completely rested.

For example, last night I had a dream about a close friend of mine that I haven’t seen forever and how she was starting to have an affair with an ex-boyfriend of mine.  They are both married with kids and the very last people you’d think to have an affair with anyone.  They don’t even know each other or live in the same parts of the country! So I wake up in the middle of the night thinking, is this real?  Do I need to call her at 3am to make sure she hasn’t lost her mind?  More importantly, why do these ridiculous dreams feel the need to come into my head at night when I just want to sleep?!  This is incredibly annoying because now I can’t relax and go back to sleep.  I consider taking a shot of vodka from the bottle that is in my freezer just to take the edge off.  Yes, I do consider it!  I’m not ashamed since quality sleep is pretty much priceless at this point in my life and all that is needed to make me happy.

Besides sleep (which will continue to be at the top of my wish list for the day), I thought about other things I’d like to do on this day and have come up with the following list

  1. Eat ‘munchie type’ food all day without ever getting full
  2. Watch a movie that doesn’t include a cartoon character or guys in sports uniforms or making drunk jokes about girls (my husband watches those..not my kids)
  3. Take a break from picking up dog poop
  4. Shower without a small person staring at me asking me when breakfast is going to be ready
  5. Stay in my pj’s all day and have my husband still think that I’m totally hot and say that he thinks I should wear them every day
  6. Quiet…that’s it…just quiet.  Doesn’t matter what I’m doing…just so it’s quiet
I think that’s about it.  That’s not a lot to ask for, right?  I firmly believe that most Mom’s want this for Mother’s Day.  I’m hoping that if I can get this message out to a mass husband list then I can contribute to a lot of my friends and family having a fabulous Mother’s Day as well.
In addition to this I need to give a big shout out to my Mom and all my fantabulous (yes it’s a word) friends that are Moms.  You rock Mom!  Thanks for dealing with a crazy daughter like me and making me feel like I’m not totally losing my mind all the time.   And to all my fellow girlfriends who have finally all had kids, it’s about time!  I’m wishing you all one night of good sleep and a day full of stuffing your face full of munchies in your pj’s while watching a great chick flick….in complete quiet.
God, that sounds great.

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